21st May1996

This weekend the weather tried it's best to dampen my efforts to work on the car, but it failed. I took the car back off of it's chassis and finished off the welding, and undersealed the car with "Black Underseal Varnish". This stuff goes rock hard and is guaranteed not to let water through.

Apologies for the incorrect date on the picture!

I still did not have an exhaust pipe to fit on the car. But after a trip to the local scrap yard I had bought a back box off of a Rover 2600 and 6 foot of 2" pipe. This was cut up and welded into a big bore exhaust system. When I was happy it didn't knock, It was painted with high temp exhaust lacquer to protect it.

Finally the car looked more or less finished. The body was put back onto the chassis (for the last time!) new mounting felts were positioned in place and the body was finally bolted down. The brakes, cables and wires etc. were reconnected and for the first time in a very long time the car - looks like a car again! I filled it up with water and started it up. The exhaust sounds a little "throaty" and it remains to see whether it is legal. After a while the engine got up to temperature to test for leaks. The water seems to be disappearing, so it would seem the head gasket has blown...