The Mid Engined Turbo Triumph Spitfire

Audi 1.8 Turbo 20V AWT 280 bhp

Getting it going

This weekend I fired up the engine for the first time.. There were issues..

  1. ECU had to have its immobiliser disabled. This involved “hacking” the ECU.
  2. Whats more we also set the chassis number in the ECU to match the logbook… Result!

The ECU was up on my workbench to force the eeprom into boot mode, the original file was dumped and edited with a hex editor, then loaded back in..

Nothing to stop it from starting now

EEPROM Status:


– SKC: 05942

– Immobiliser: Off

– Cluster Code: F1 0E 22 70 15 05 45

– Immo ID: VWZ7Z0D9566342

Once the ECU was refitted it the engine would not start, the injectors were clicking but there was no spark, checking voltage to the coils showed no voltage, traced back to a bad relay!

That fixed, turned the key, fuel pump primed and it ran…. very loud no exhaust. Well happy.

Over the weekend I acquired an old Audi RS4 exhaust.

RS4 Exhaust – This was great, had all the bends and boxes I needed
Completed, mid-engined Spitfire exhaust system

Unfortunately I ran out of mig wire and could only tack the tail pipe in place. The exhaust sounds nice, the engine is running really roughly, no MAF, boost or O2 sensors and no cooling system in place.

As of the 30/3/2020 I have ordered all the missing sensors and the radiator hoses.. Next weekends job.

Its now the 3rd May 2020 and my little car is progressing nicely.

I have connected the turbo to the intercooler, all the pipe work now complete, all the sensor are working and my son has worked on the ecu code to remove the SAI and evap ( all the smog stuff in the original car, it runs so sweetly!

I had a few issues, one being the oil radiator/cooler gave up and pumped the entire contents of the sump into the coolant, so that was a major job flushing all that out.

I have also rebuilt the clutch master cylinder, there was a seal missing, whech meant it wouldn’t maintain clutch pressure.. anyway the clutch work 🙂 that means it drives!

First drive/shakedown

After the first few attempts to drive the car it, I had sorted out all the little gremlins. The clutch cylinder was rebuilt all air leaks removed from engine and tail lights fitted and working. Now was the time to take it out on a test track/road.

Driving the car the first time was a little daunting, but it flt really nice, no rattles and very smooth. The steering is positive and feels right (just like a Spitfire does) the turning circle is a bit tight, but that is due to the 17″ wheels.I drove to the end of the road and turned it round, put my foot down and the car shot/bolted/rocketed… not sure of the right words, but holy crap it was quick, so quick it startled me, even my son who was filming let a profanity out!

I drove to the end of the road and tried to turn round but reverse gear had gone, my 2 sons had to run up to the end and push the car backwards – all forward gears were fine..

I got the car back and checked the linkages, all seemed fine, but I took it to pieces and reattached in a position that allowed reverse to work (later that week I looked at the gear selector and saw the fore and aft cable had slipped out of its housing)

Then I took the car out again, and its perfect, absolutely perfect.

sorry about the language
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