The Mid Engined Turbo Triumph Spitfire

Mid Engined Triumph Spitfire Audi 1.8 Turbo 400 bhp 685 kg


16th April 2024

Took the car to a breakfast car meet at Pine Ridge golf club in Bagshot on Sunday. 74km round trip, the weather was good, and the little car was epic. The one issue I do have is coolant temperature, even after a 37km (23 mile) drive at motorway speeds I still wasn’t up to temperature… that means the car might still be running rich.

I got to Bagshot just before 9:00am, and secured one of the last places in the static show carpark. It was really really busy! I guess one of the first weekends we have had without rain 🙂

So I next need to bite the bullet and remove the engine’s internal waterpump … that means messing with the cam belt 🙁

2nd April 2024

I’ve been busy 🙂

I now have OBD socket working on te Emerald K6+ ECU, the issue was that I am running an ME7.5 breakout loom and the OBD2 breakout loom. The ME7 loom has a plug that goes to the ECU and a COM plug that goes to a serial cable, for use with a laptop. There is no CAN connection between the ECU plug and the serial plug. So you have to run a pair of wire from pins 1 & 2 to bridge that connection.

6+ com port pin 1 = CAN H, this needs to end up at OBD port pin 6.

K6+ com port pin 2 = CAN L, this needs to end up at OBD port pin 14.

And I now have a hardtop, it is quite odd as there is a glass roof on it .Next job, change all rubbers and work out how to fit it.

4th March

A new year and we are already in March, not a lot is happening, the weather has been awful, so bad i have a swimming pool in my garage’s pit! I have only driven the car a few times, 2 car meets, one in Runnymede and one in Fulmer.

I have changed the car’s side windows, a job I have been dreading, the old windows were really badly scratched, and made the car look bad.. The new ones are crystal clear 🙂 I bought them from Moss London

The only problem i had was my car is fitted with central locking, so I had to remove the locking mechanism to get into the door’s guts.. no big deal all went together very nicely.

Next on the to do list:

Add OBD connector to Emerald ECU

New hard top

and the big job.. remove the engine’s water pump.

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