The Mid Engined Turbo Triumph Spitfire

Mid Engined Triumph Spitfire Audi 1.8 Turbo 400 bhp 685 kg

Emerald and Wrap

29th July 2023

We have had the final session on the VARA Technik rolling road in Ashford. A switch was fitted to the Emerald k6+ ecu, the switch allows me to flip between high and low boost maps.

Low boost is 317 bhp at 18 psi and high boost is 385bhp at 25 psi.

We had lots of issues trying to tune the car, in 4th gear my car will do well over the 250kph (155mph) the rolling road max’d out at. So it was difficult to hear when the engine was revving out. In 3rd gear the car just wheel span when it hit max power, it was very difficult to get enough traction to put the power down on the rollers.

The mapping was done by John Lamsley, who is an absolute wizard with Emerald ECUs! He runs a Facebook group called Emerald ECU Tuning Tips And Advice

The spitfire now spits fire, which is always a bonus 😀

It seems that the Pulsar G25 550 is a bit of a blocker, a genuine Garrett would definitely produce a lot more power, but, I really do not think the car could handle more power.

The Meth injection works perfectly we started at a IAT of over 50 degrees C, when Meth injection was turned on the IAT crashed to below 20 degrees C.

After the car was mapped, I asked for a printout, unfortunately the high power pulls had been over written, so John did a quickie pull which showed a peak power of 340 bhp at flywheel, and 311 bhp at the wheels. Remember the car wheel spins like crazy in 3rd, so not putting down all the power.

On the road the car is ballistically fast, the speedo moves across the dial faster than the rev counter. The acceleration pins you back, and even lifts your feet from the accelerator pedal. I still haven’t tried the launch control… but I will do.

30th July 2023

I took the car to Cars and Coffee at the Black Horse in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire. The car had a great reception, for 3 hours we had crowds  round the car…  

24th June 2023

Its been a mad month..

Emerald ECU

I have replaced the Audi Bosch ME7.5 ecu with an aftermarket Emerald K6+. This uses its own wideband O2 controller and 4bar map sensor, the car runs so much better now, however, at the moment boost is limited to 12psi, this was because the wastegate in the turbo was not setup correctly, and also the boost pipes were too small, 2” or 52mm. With the wastegate not working the car was pushing 265 bhp, with it fixed, 318 bhp

So now I have upgraded all the boost pipes to 3” or 76mm and fixed the wastegate, so boost should come in a lot earlier. It looks like all my running issues were down to there being no preload on the wastegate, so it just opened as soon as the boost hit 7 psi. So 3/4 hole preload set up. hopefully that should fix it.

I am having a switch on the dash, this will allow me to switch between high or low boost maps, nutter or granny mode.

The next mapping session will do the high boost runs, will be interesting to see what power it gets to.

The car has also been wrapped, after the fire there was some damage on the paint work, so Studio 997 in Windsor took the car away for a week and sorted out the body, filling, sanding and making it look so good. I also fitted a new door to the passenger side, so now the car looks epic.

They took a week, but what a fab job.. the body will never look perfect, but it is so much better now

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