The Mid Engined Turbo Triumph Spitfire

Audi 1.8 Turbo 20V AWT 400 bhp

Electric Windows in a Spitfire

Although it is easy to lean over and wind up or down the windows on the other side of the car, the winder handle gets in the way of my knee, and its uncomfortable.

I found an electric window kit online for about £70. So the challenge was set, fit electric windows to my mid engined Spitfire.

The kit is designed for a modern day car, so the loom is massive, it also comes with 3 switches, 2 for the driver’s door and one for the passenger door, I wanted the switches in the centre console, so was only going to use 2 of them.

The kit is well made, the “bits” look substantial and quality

Click the image for the supplied instructions

Fitting the motor was quite easy, the kit includes the fittings for the spit’s winder handle. I had to recess the handle mechanism by 6mm, the kit includes the spacers, you have to lose the bottom front bolt. As per picture you use the spit’s bolts and the supplied fittings (cut down and drilled)

To secure the motor i used the lower screen bump stop, the motor fits hard against the interior door skin. I had to zip tie the control cables to the door skin, this stops them fouling the window regulator as the screen moves up/down

The wiring was straight forward, you need an earth and a 12v feed. The motors have 2 wires, green and blue, I cut the green and blue wire out of the driver’s door, and the extended the wires so i could move the driver’s door switches to the centre console. On the passenger side i “hid” the 3rd switch in the body. Apart from that i shortened the passenger side wires by about 1 metre..

The only issues I had was with my speakers, the magnets pushed the control cables, and power cables into the window, when the screen lowered, it fouled the wires and broke the connection. zip tying the cables out of the way fixed that.

The kit also includes an emergency handle

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