The Mid Engined Turbo Triumph Spitfire

Audi 1.8 Turbo 20V AWT 400 bhp

Vlog – Here I will update as I do stuff

22 July 2020

Here is the latest update on the Spitfire, moving slowly..

17 July 2020

Yesterday i finished all those little welding jobs I have been putting off. I added a strip to the passenger side front wing to adjust the door gap, ground down the welds on the passenger side door and added a bit of steel to the last hole in the door, so its now all welded up. I also extended the wires to the GM-Audi fuel sender adapter.

16 July 2020

the little car is getting some good attention in Facebook groups and on the internet, I’ve even been approached by a magazine to run a feature on it when its painted.

Last night I sorted the passenger side door, the top was really rotten, I’ll post a video later.

In one Facebook group I was asked about the use of the Audi TT bonnet hinges, so here is a short video updae, removing the Dolly Partons (aka the huge over riders that hang off the front bumper.

14 July 2020

Here is the first of my video blogs, just a quick walk around the Spitfire

21/3/2020… Today more wiring, stripping out all the unwanted Audi electrics. I wired up the brake pedal and low brake fluid sensor and I also installed the coolant header tank and cut some perspex to cover the fuel/temp gauge… I’m happy 🙂

But it all looks a bit of a mess.. Tomorrow I pick up my fuel tank, only 2 gallons, but it will do for now.

23/3/2020 – I now have a fuel tank. Its only 2 gallons but it will do for the moment. I have connected the IAT sensor. So another item off the list. I have also cut some perspex to fit into the fuel and temp gauge holes in the dash.

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