The Mid Engined Turbo Triumph Spitfire

Audi 1.8 Turbo 20V AWT 280 bhp


For what seems months now, I have been rubbing down the body; filling with a thin layer of filler, then flattening it off, making sure that every panel, seam, joint and edge is as true as possible.

On the front arches/fenders I welded a 5mm bar of steel into the lip, and then using a gas torch panel beat the lip over, so it made an absolutely flat and true edge.

Then fill, and sand, fill and sand and repeat. The outside of the house was covered in a thin layer of white dust, my wife, bless her was not amused.

Last weekend, i took that Friday ad Monday off, the idea to get the body sorted once and for all. So the last of the sanding and filling… On Monday, the 3rd August 2020 I was ready for some paint.

The inside of the car has been stripped out, the wiring loom removed, intercooler and all induction pipes removed, steering column, dash, windscreen etc all taken out and stored safely away.

I masked the engine, fuel cell and centre console where all the electrics are and sprayed the car with 2 pack (2K) high build primer. It went on really nicely, in all for both the inside and outside of the car I used 1.5 litres of paint.

Here is a video of before and after

10th August 2020

Yes another weekend of sanding, welding, sanding and painting.

I saw a couple of areas that didn’t look right, one being the bonnet scoop and the other being the steel behind the seat. With primer on the broken weld more obvious. There was also a nasty run in the primer across the top of the bonnet.

The whole car was sanded down with 1200 grit wet and dry, as I found out that was way too fine, so i need to get some 600 grit before painting the top coats.

The paint arrived today from a shop called Custom Paints ( I bought a black base coat and a green pearl

I’ve taken next weekend off to get the painting done.

14th Aug 2020

I’ve taken a long weekend off to paint my car, I have the paint, so there is nothing to stop me..

On the Friday i stripped that car down completely and masked everything up

Saturday morning I painted that car in the base black colour, I bought 1 1.2 litres and it was only just enough. After an hour I could spray the green pearl, I was worried to start with as the paint was anything other than green! But when sprayed over the black it started to look really nice.

Then with the clear coat. This is where i think I have made a mistake, I only had 1/2 litre, so with hardener at 2:1 this gave me 750ml of lacquer.

I Will have to spray the car again with more clear coat, but before then I will cut the paint back; i messed up the boot lid, it looks like the air hose hit it when the paint was dry, so painting not over yet!

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