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 The article by eBay




Six years ago Nick Truman bought a Jaguar V12 engine from online market place eBay for £89 and thought he would build something ‘exotic and a bit insane around it’.


Since then he has built a replica of a £750,000 Pagani Zonda supercar from nothing but scrap – the ultimate recycling/upcycling project. With the blessing of Horacio Pagani himself, Nick bought two Zonda scale models from eBay and set out on his quest to build a Zonda inspired monster of a machine.


Every single part of the car (with the exception of the chassis metal) was sourced and bought through eBay. The donor cars include a 1989 Ford Scorpio and a 1990 Audi V8 Quattro.


Nick, who spent time living in the Middle East, exported the car to Bahrain and had it registered as a track car on the Bahrain F1 circuit. When the Jaguar V12 engine he’d installed blew he swapped it for an Audi V8. Nick claims a 0-60mph time of around 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph, something he’ll be able to demonstrate when the car gets back on the track next year.


Nick, who already owns a vintage Ferrari, has received a great response to the car. People have travelled for miles to his house near Heathrow to see this fabulous eBay creation and YouTube videos of the car being built have generated thousands of hits from all over the world. Nick also met Top Gear’s Richard Hammond who asked him to get in touch once the car was complete.

Nick said: “Cars are, and have always been, my passion and I hope my story inspires more people to use marketplaces like eBay and get more creative.”


eBay spokesperson Laura Wilkson-Rea, said: “It’s amazing when people contact us with stories like this. Nick has created something really incredible and shown how to make the most of the world’s largest online car parts marketplace.”


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