Work Page 2
Things that needed doing:
  1. Cam belts and bearings
  2. Air conditioning needed converting from R12 to R134 and filling
  3. Front shocks seized
  4. Brakes all round
  5. Drive shaft gaiter
  6. Stereo
  7. Dash board illumination
  8. Electric windows
  9. Alarm
  10. Door locks
  11. Air filter/oil filter
  12. Oil change
  13. Heater controls
  14. Air con and alternator belt

The day after I got the car home I started to investigate its quirky little flaws. The first thing that struck me was just how loud it was, even at a moderate speed the engine really snarled.

I drove the car around for a while and then suddenly the engine went quiet... seriously quiet... it roared when the throttle was hammered, but at tick over and even speeds it was no noisier than any other car.

On investigation it I discovered that the bearing that steadies the air conditioning belt had completely disintegrated...  for the first time, the wallet was going to come out....




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