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I took a week off to do the full service, this was going to include shocks, air conditioning, brakes, cam belts, oil and filters.

Whilst the engine was stripped down I also intended to clean it up and make it look more presentable.



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The front shocks were bought from eBay and took about a day to fit. At the same time these were fitted I had a guy round to fit the new alarm and immobilizer. The old shocks were seized solid.


New Konis

Next came the engine. With the cam covers off, it is really quite simple to change the belts, the only really important bit is to ensure that the cams do not move! (or if they do, you can realign them) I also replaced the cam bearings.

Whilst the covers were off they were cleaned and painted in black Hammerite.

The air con compressor had to come off  in order to get to the belts. So this was also stripped down, serviced and cleaned up. I also converted the system from the old gas which had long since leaked away to the new R134a gas and lubricant.

Below are three picture of the new timing belts in place