My 1978 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

As with any old car there is bound to be some history. Why should my car be any different?

To find out you simply send 5.00 to the DVLA data protection department and they send you copies of all the log books/history they have on file.

With my last car, the Spitfire, this showed up some surprising details. Obviously the Ferrari has not had as many owners, but tracing it's past can still provide some surprises, not all of them welcome.

Also being a relatively rare car Ferrari UK were able to provide details of its purchase, order and manufacture.

7/10/1977 An order was placed with HR Owen in London for a Dino 308. The purchase price was 16328.

20/11/1977     13838 was imported into the UK.

25/11/1977     13838 was delivered to Ferrari

10/1/1978        The car was delivered to HR Owen.

19/1/1978        The car was delivered to a Mr. Taylor of London. He was a 35 year old company director who part exchanged a 1975 Lotus Elite.

The original specifications were:

Black leather interior

Air Con

Sun roof

No spoiler and no black bottom

The car was ordered in Azzurro metallic

4/9/1981        The car was sold to Altype security systems ltd in Watford. It appears that they owned the car for 4 months before it was involved in a bad accident.

23/2/1982        Commercial Union Insurance acquired the car

23/5/1982        The car was bought by a Peter Crozier of Oxford. He seems to have spent an awful lot of time and money restoring the car back to its former glory. The car now is living in or around Castle Donnington race track  Although its owner lived in Oxford. Mr Crozier now seems to sale yachts for a hobby.

20/2/2001        The car is sold to Mr Crawford of Sutton Courtney

1/9/2004         The car is sold to Mr Davidson again of Sutton Courtney

1/9/2004         The car is sold to Rob Jones of Bolton

18/11/2004        I bought the car




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