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Thanks for dropping in.

Here's a bit about me.........

I was born in London in December 1960, and have spent all my life living just outside of it. I grew up in a place called Slough, and went to Slough Grammar School.

After leaving Slough Grammar and worked at an engine test centre called BICERI (British Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute) and became a mechanic. After a few years I was made redundant, so I joined a company called Broadway tyres based in Warwick Road, Beaconsfield. Alas Broadway Tyres no longer exists and is now ATS.

In 1989 I joined BT working as a computer operator in Hemel Hempstead. Now I work in BT Retail as Head of Internet Security.

I'm now CSO of JATO Dynamics, in Uxbridge

I was married in 1992 to Sophia I have two sons named Dominic and Toby and a daughter called Arabella.

I love to travel, drink, eat and play darts. I play guitar and spend a great deal of time working on this computer.